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Hagens V101 All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth 25s (5 Pcs)

  • Model: TVVpHC3Y
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Product details of Hagen's V101 All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth 25's (5 Pcs)

Hagen's V101 All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth

High Absorbency- able to absorb and lose water rapidly, reducing rinsing and cleaning time.Extra Durable- allowing reusability due to its stronger resistance to shrinkage. 2 times stronger than normal cloth in general use.Low Lint- almost no pilling tendency ensuring easier care and no residue on wiped surfaces.Hygienically Packed- a strategic opening that also allows for closure on the box provides convenience to users and prevents exposure of the kitchen cloths to dirt or dust.Suitable for all surfaces, utensils and objects in and around the kitchen (stainless steel, ceramic, marble, glass etc.).Currently available in 3 colors enabling a color coded system that adhere to HACCP system, whereby it gives users the ability to assign each color for a specific cleaning area or task thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and maintaining a hygienic environment.

A MUST HAVE for your kitchen, big or small!

Ideal for any generalcleaning too.

Available in 3 colors - Blue, Red and Green(Please state your color preference when purchasing)

Hagens V101 All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth 25s  (5 Pcs)

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